Sample dataset

What kind of sample dataset do you have?

We have various kinds of sample dataset with several resolutions, products, and land characteristics. Please contact us from the sample request page below if you need any sample dataset.Just contact us from the sample request page
Sample request

What is the format of sample dataset?

It will be provided in GeoTIFF format. Some other formats are available in your order. Please find the information of the deliverables in the product page below.

Recommended software

What is the recommended software to process the AW3D dataset?

ArcGIS, Autodesk, MapInfo and other software can be used.


Is there any limitation of area size in ordering?

It depends on each product. Please refer each product page.

How can I tell my area of interest to AW3D team?

Please send shape file or kml file to us. If you would like to select other options, please let us know.

Is there any limitation on area shape to order?

shape like ‘ring’ or ‘doughnut’ and multiple polygons are not accepted.

How do you deal with void area?

We infill the void area with SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) for free of charge. We can also infill the area with other products of AW3D with additional cost.Please contact us for details.

How should I calculate the price?

The price will be calculated per-square-kilometer basis. If you order the options, the optional price will be added.

How can I order?

Please fill out the order form. Once we receive the form, we will start processing your order. For more information, please see the contact page.


How long will it take for delivery?

Followings are our standard delivery time for each product, however, it depends on our production line situation. It is strongly recommended that you could access us and confirm the expected delivery date before you make your order.
AW3D Standard Level1 : one week
AW3D Standard Level2 : two weeks
AW3D Standard Level3 : three weeks
AW3D Enhanced : three weeks
AW3D Ortho imagery : two weeks

How do you deliver the product(s)?

It will be delivered by online (FTP) or DVD.

What is the delivery format?

The standard format is geotiff. But DXF (R2000, R2010), DWG, CSV (ASCII test), STL, and VRML is available.


How should I finish my payment?

Please follow the instruction on the invoice.


I cannot find any answer for my question in this page.

Please feel free to contact us directly from the contact page.


What is the feature of “AW3D Standard”?

AW3D Standard is the high-resolution digital 3D map covering the entire global land area with 5 meter resolution. This is the best solution to grasp the wide area worldwide.
AW3D Standard

What is the feature of “AW3D Enhanced”?

AW3D Enhanced is the highest precision DEM in 0.5m Resolution based on DigitallGlobe imageries.
This is suitable for recognizing each tree or building.
AW3D Enhanced

What is the feature of “AW3D Ortho Imagery”?

AW3D Ortho Imagery is the highest quality orthorectified imagery in the world. It has the lineup from 30cm to 2.5m resolution, which is equivalent to scale 1:5,000 ~ 1:25,000 maps.
AW3D Ortho imagery

What is the feature of “AW3D Building”?

AW3D Building is 3D map with the shape and height of building, extracted automatically from satellite imageries. This is good for many simulations such as telecommunication, asset planning, analysis of the view.
AW3D Building

What is the feature of “New Tasking option”?

With “new tasking option”, new satellite imagery will be acquired to process the product you purchase. The delivery time may vary depending on the area and the weather. For more detailed information, please refer the price list.
Price list

What is “GCP”?

GCP stands for Ground Control Point. It can be used to determine geometric corrections for imageries.

What is the difference for each resolution?

By 30cm resolution, you can recognize such as a hood or windshield of a car, shadow of a person and stripes of a crosswalk. By 0.5m resolution, types of cars (large-size car or small-size car) can be recognized roughly.

What is the accuracy of AW3D?

You can find it in product page.