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NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA’s history goes back to 1967, when the DATA Communications Bureau was established within the Nippon Telegraph and telephone Public Corporation (now NTT). Since then, we have played an instrumental role in establishing and advancing Japanese IT infrastructure, in particular large-scale and mission critical IT systems. Having spun-off from NTT in 1988 and going public in 1995, the company maintained a hybrid culture of long-term commitment and challenge to innovation in order to contribute to the progression of business and society.
Today we build on this proven track record of innovation by providing novel IT solutions to customers in over 35 countries, all under the NTT DATA brand. We foster long-term collaboration that results in greater quality of life for people, communities and societies around the world.
In the field of remote-sensing, NTT DATA is one of the most experienced Japanese organizations, which has processed a volume of satellite imagery to produce value added products. We have a track record of more than 10 years as a state-of-art value adding service provider on remote sensing through OrbView and SPOT satellites business, including data receiving, data processing and distribution, and value adding services using mainly JAXA’s ALOS satellite and DigitalGlobe’s satellites. Regarding the project of ALOS world 3D topographic data, NTT DATA has been in charge of production of 3D data and provision of the services based on our abundant knowhow and experiences.

Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)

For the last 35 years since its foundation, RESTEC has been receiving and processing data acquired by both domestic and foreign earth-observation satellites and providing those data to researchers and operational users under the contract with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other related organizations. In parallel with those activities RESTEC has been conducting R&D of remote sensing technologies under the contract with pertinent agencies as well as independently and endeavoring to disseminate the achievement of those R&D.
Based on those experiences and proprietary knowledge it has acquired in the fields of satellite operations, analysis of remote sensing data, value added services and remote sensing trainings, RESTEC intends to expand its businesses in the new area such as providing remote sensing solutions not alone in domestic but international projects.
In addition, it implements basic and comprehensive R&D of remote sensing and provides both domestic and foreign personnel with training as well as promoting cooperation in many international projects from the viewpoint of public interest and welfare. Regarding the project of ALOS world 3D topographic data, RESTEC has been in charge of R&D and promotion of data utilizations based on a great deal of knowledge and experiences.