TopNews Autodesk University 2022 class is published


Autodesk University 2022 class is published

Check out the slides and pre-recorded class video at AU2022, hosted by Sami HARADA, a senior specialist, and Mariko MORIOKA, a sales representative from AW3D team at RESTEC!

Nearly, 100 people attended this class on-site on 28-Sep.

This class includes an introduction of earth observation satellites, variety of satellite-based-solutions such as AW3D, and tips-&-tricks of using satellite data from Autodesk’s design software.

Don’t miss it to find a new possibility of these satellite-based solutions for your projects!
You can find the video, presentation slides, and handout here:
Leveraging Artificial Satellite Data in High-Low Mix Design Environment | Autodesk University

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