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AW3D Telecom

Advanced 3D bundle product for wireless
network planning and simulation

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The demands on wireless networks are accelerating exponentially with more connected devices, high resolution contents and new services. The requirements to improve capacity, latency and coverage has led to network densification, where cell sites are added to handle these increasing loads. The AW3D Telecom is a cost-effective, next-generation 3D bundle that helps you design your wireless networks for optimal performance.


AW3D Telecom provides the benefits for the Radio Area Network (RAN) design and optimization with the Radio Frequency (RF) planning software used in the mobile network operators and communication service providers.

Best-in-class high quality

  • High quality for both 5G/LTE small cells in urban environment and wide area nominal design in suburban and rural environment
  • Detail objects including buildings, vegetation, and bridges are captured using artificial intelligence (AI) technology for image processing

AW3D Telecom RF simulation for 5G service

Data compatibility

  • Most comprehensive and cost-effective product for industry standard RF planning and simulation software including Atoll (Forsk), Planet (InfoVista), ASSET (TEOCO), and more.
  • It can be used for the network design software for simulation mobile network operators, network integrators, backhaul providers, tower operators, and others.

Adopted by the world’s leading mobile carriers

  • AW3D Telecom is essential for mobile network operators and equipment vendors looking to optimize their RF simulation and wireless network design and planning.

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AW3D Telecom

Advanced 3D digital map package for 5G compatible with global standard wireless network design software used for radio frequency (RF) simulation.

3D Vector

These dataset are developed from high accurate building footprint and elevation model. 3D vegetation and bridge can be offered as well


Land-use classification map for analysis of radio propagation and deviation

DHM(clutter height)

Height model expresses the height of the buildings vegetation, and others from the ground. Its is also referred as “2.5D model”.


Bare-earth 3D elevation model in raster format, height of buildings, vegetation, bridges are extracted from digital surface model.

Base Map (optional)

A high-resolution orthorectified imagery for base map to display AW3D Telecom for 5G dataset.


Vodafone uses 3D mapping data to
help locate new 5G towers

Vodafone is focused on building a digital society for the
future and is using its 5G core in the UK to make this happen.

“Using AW3D satellite map data supplied by NTT DATA, we were able to model the performance of the 5g network and the impact of the environment including; buildings, bridges and vegetation. We achieved this by modelling the entire country in 3D to assist, for example, we were able to understand where to optimize the network and place new 5G towers.”

Vodafone’s Lead GIS Architect


The Telecom Dataset has been used by major mobile network operators around the world and can be used by all customers involved in wireless network planning and simulation. Some typical use cases are as below.


mmWave 5G network rollout

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Usage 5G Base station design
Project Summary
  • High-definition map data was required to conduct accurate 5G network simulations.
  • AW3D, which had the highest resolution and quality among several map vendors, was chosen, and we partnered with simulation tool vendor to provide customers with a set of map data and simulation tools.
  • Customer conducted simulation using AW3D and designed 5G base station. The data quality was good and accurate simulations were possible.
Reasons why
AW3D choosen
  • High-definition data of 1m resolution
  • High quality
  • Data compatibility with major vendors’ tools


Simulation of private 5G network using CBRS band
Usage Simulation of private 5G network using CBRS band
Project Summary
  • Momentum for local 5G network implementation was growing across the United States.
  • The network vendor was planning to conduct wireless network simulation for the construction of private 5G using the CBRS band and proposed the verification results to mobile network operators.
  • AW3D data was delivered in a short time to meet the customer's project schedule.
  • The data quality was good and they could obtain verification results that satisfied the mobile network operators.
Reasons why
AW3D choosen
  • Low price
  • Short delivery time
  • Accurate simulation with high accuracy


Improving the efficiency of wireless network simulation when applying for local 5G license

High quality 5G mobile network design

Usage 5G wireless network design and simulation
Project Summary
  • When applying for a local 5G license, operators needed simulation data that faithfully reproduced real space.
  • AW3D quickly prepared data for the ordering area
  • Can be immediately imported into the operator's simulation software.
  • Achieved visualization of network coverage area in a short period of time.
Reasons why
AW3D choosen
  • Comprehensiveness of provided data (3D buildings, vegetation, bridges, terrain data)
  • Short delivery time
  • Low price

Product lineup

Depending on your usage, you can choose
from different products.

General description 3D model of
building, vegetation
and bridge
Height model of
building and tree
Terrain elevation
Land Use Map
Spatial resolution 1m/2m/5m 10m/20m 1m/2m/5m 10m/20m 1m/2m/5m 10m/20m
Horizontal accuracy
2m 2m 10m 2m 10m 2m 10m
1-2m 1-2m 5m 1-2m 5m
Standard File format Vector
(TAB or Shape)
(BIL or MRR)
(BIL or MRR)
(BIL or MRR)
Product Image

*RMSE: Root Mean Square Error


Compared to aerial photography, it offers great
value for money.

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detailed data information, or questions regarding business use.