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TopUse case Safety design around the integrated pumped hydro reverse osmosis clean energy system in LATAM

【Flood simulation】LATAM|AW3D Enhanced

Safety design around the integrated pumped hydro reverse osmosis clean energy system in LATAM

Oceanus Power & Water, LLC

Oceanus Power & Water is an advanced company that provides an integrated system combining a pumping-up power plant, which stores power in the form of elevated water for driving turbines, and a desalination facility. This combination can dramatically reduce the cost of seawater desalination, which traditionally requires a lot of electricity, and at the same time contributes to clean water supply to the residents.

When planning the pumping-up power plant, safety design around the facility is critically important since the water (in this case seawater) is pumped up to the upper reservoir during excess, low-cost energy. In this project, AW3D Enhanced DTM (0.5m) and contour lines (1m interval) were used to analyze the flood areas and routes; this is so-called “dam-break and submersive wave study” to prepare the case that the water accidentally flows out from the reservoir in the event like an earthquake.
In order to run a precise simulation, the DTM correction was performed using GCPs (Ground Control Points) and contour lines, and a highly accurate dataset was used to the project.

Comparison of contour lines (existed dataset and delivered AW3D)

“Satellite-derived 3D” was selected because of its competitive price and reasonable delivery timeline

In this project, the 3D map of the urban area near the facility was necessary from the very early stage of the construction feasibility study. However, it turned out that aerial or drone surveys take time to get the flight permission and schedule the flights considering the weather conditions. Therefore, a satellite-derived 3D map of AW3D, which does not need flight permission, was selected for the project.
In addition, in aerial survey, it is necessary to purchase wider area(s) and there might be some unnecessary areas included in the purchase. On the other hand, in AW3D, the target areas can be flexibly selected based on the project requirements so that they could be purchased at a reasonable price.
Oceanus Power & Water also plans to use AW3D products for their future related projects like transmission line deployments and facility access road construction.

No concern about the accuracy of the AW3D product

“We have no concern at all on the product accuracy,” said Mr. Nelson Novoa, technical manager of Oceanus South America, “since we heard enough information of the accuracy assessment and the usage of this product from the University of Concepción -EULA Center, who has been working with us.”
Even though it was their first purchase of the AW3D product, they had no concern about its accuracy.
They verified the product using sample data before the purchase and confirmed that the product was suitable for this simulation in the project.
He also said that they ordered the contour lines to be delivered in DWG format, which was compatible with the simulation software they are using (IBER), and that makes them to be able to start using the data immediately after the delivery.

AW3D is expanding its use in this kind of advanced project – clean water supply project to the residents, in the field of engineering and construction, and is contributing to the sustainable development of the society.

Cooperation/Reference/Data source
Oceanus Power & Water, LLC

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